A documentation of hypomania/mania using point and shoot cameras and words. I am doing my best to be as honest and upfront as possible in the hope that this will help to give a little more understanding of what my experience has been and is like. On that note, trigger warnings for the following: mental health, depersonlization, dissociation, suicide, hypomania,drug use, food & self harm. Take care of yourself. 

I am incredibly grateful for the resources I now have to help me with the depressive aspects of my bipolar -be they friends, articles, art or forums- but I have really struggled to find information and discussion -particularly from a first person perspective- of the manic side of bipolar. This lack of content has contributed to my feelings of isolation and alienation which is why I am sharing this project here. You can read more of an explanation about my experiences and high whilst sober over on gal-dem.com. You can contact me at ailsafineronphotography@gmail.com & buy the project in zine form on etsy .

click on the individual images to bring them up into a lightbox & hover over them to see the text. If you're on mobile head over to my facebook page  to read the project.