In this project, I will be taking portraits of people who have gone through the UK educational system and asking them if they think anything was missed out of their sex and relationships education (SRE) in school, and, if so, what it was. Through this, I am hoping to bring attention to the lack of comprehensive SRE in our schools and the impact that has on people. The project will also give us an insight into what topics young people think should be included in a reformed SRE curriculum. I'm using a polaroid camera for the photographs to highlight how old and outdated our current SRE curriculum is, and also the urgency of the issue. If you would like to participate in this project, please e-mail me at

Currently in the UK 'Some parts of sex and relationship education are compulsory - these are part of the national curriculum for science. Parents can withdraw their children from all other parts of sex and relationship education if they want.' Academies currently do not have to provide SRE, and council run secondary schools only have to teach about STDs as part of science for 14-16 year olds. The 2013 Girl Guiding 'Girls' Attitudes Survey'  found that 38% of 16-21 year-olds felt that sex education at school did not prepare them well, and 64% of the same age group felt that sex education at school does not focus enough on relationships.

In 2013, an Ofsted report found that 40% of schools' PSHE (personal, social and health education) and SRE (sex and relationships education) was inadequate, and that the situation was worsening. The most recent official government advice on SRE is 14 years old
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